Aprilaire Air Filters

Furnace Filters Designed for APRILAIRE® Air Cleaners

We offer BestAir Air Filters that are designed to replace 4” Furnace Filters,  6” Furnace Filters, Air Filters, Heating Filters, HVAC Filters, Air Conditioning Filters, AC Filters, A/C Filters in your home or business. These filters in many cases offer the same or better performance than the following filter brands and are designed to optimize the residential air cleaners. The filters are designed to fit in these models 2200, 2250, 2400, 201, 401, 4400, 2410, 413, 4200, 2210, 213.

(All company names, trademark names, logos herein listed are registered trademarks of their respective company. The below listed replacement filters are manufactured by RPS Products, Inc. RPS Products, Inc is an independent company and is not related to or affiliated with Humidifier Manufacturer. BestAir and WaterPad are registered trademarks of RPS Products, Inc.)