BestAir A12W Whole House Humidifier Replacement White Water Pad For Aprilaire Models 6PK

Price per Unit: $12.35


6 Pack = $74.12


SIZE: 11½" x 14⅞" x 1⅝"
0.69 lbs

BestAir A12W Whole House Humidifier Replacement White Water Pad For Aprilaire  Models

Indoor air quality is commonly affected by particles such as dust, pet dander, and viruses. Overly dry air can exacerbate lung conditions and irritated sinuses, especially during winter and dry climates. BestAir® is dedicated to protecting and providing a clean and safe indoor environment for everyone. We have a complete array of high quality humidification wicks, air cleaning filters, and many other accessories, which will ensure that your indoor air quality will be the BestAir® that you and your family can breathe. We are the largest manufacturer of replacement filters made in North America and are also leading the way for industry standards. Our market’s first innovations, such as the expanded paper wick and Original Bacteriostatic Treatment (EPA Registered), are some technologies we invented that sets us apart from our competition. Protect your home and work environments now with BestAir®!

Waterpad that fits: Aprilaire 112, 136, 224, 440, 445, 445A, 448 (12); Chippewa 224, 225, 226; Humid-Aire Neptune; Walton 600, 620, 660

  • Uses up to 50% less water than a standard metal pad
  • Surface treated with Micro Free® Anti-Microbial Coating to protect against contaminants and bacteria
  • Water Pads are crafted to generate higher output and stronger absorption
  • Paper Design with metal support; Replace at least twice per season; Made in the USA

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